One Piece Garage Doors

For the ultimate in design choice! There is a huge range of styles and finishes to choose from – steel, timber, GRP, ABS – you will have no problem in finding a door to enhance the beauty of your home.
One-piece garage doors come in two options Canopy or Retractable.

Canopy doors slide up and down guides at the side of the opening and don’t have any frame work going back into the garage. A third of the door typically protrudes outward when in the open position.
Retractable doors follow tracks going back into the garage and don’t protrude when in the fully open position. It is this style you would choose if you wanted the option of automation or you needed a larger door.

Benefits of one-piece doors

  • Range of styles + finishes
  • Automation option
  • Steel frame option
  • Ease of fitting
  • Budget doors available

For further info please visit the manufacturer’s web sites